Product Marketing

  • Bridging market opportunities with technology advances

  • Defining user experience and device functionality requirements

  • Architecting app, software and content partner ecosytems

Business Development

  • Designing social media and advertising campaigns

  • Creating strategic communications for executives, press etc.

  • Organizing product launches and related PR materials

Let us market your brilliance for you!

Whether you are a start-up incubating a fresh, new product concept - or a large multinational positioning a new technology or product concept, we can help! We create inspiring marketing content and presentation materials for stakeholders, potential investors and strategic partners, press releases and vision documents for pre-launch, marketing collateral and product brochures as well as an array of unique and creative elements for business development.

Privacy Compliance & Strategies for "Personal Data" Management

We've been helping companies of all sizes manage their personal data handling practices, ensuring compliance to privacy laws and regulations around the world. Of equal importance is managing data privacy in such as way as to meet consumers' expectations. Particularly in the new and evolving areas of social media, analytics and Internet of Things, industry best practices are still being defined.

We have a long history of contributing to the evolution of privacy standards and best practices and we continue to be involved in the various industry organizations that are collaborating on the development of new industry standards in these areas.

We provide consulting services as well as training across the entire spectrum of privacy management including training about new technologies and the privacy implications of new methods of data collection, storage, usage etc. We define controls that meet the requirements of both privacy laws and "just good business practice". We help companies implement privacy-preserving policies, processes and procedures - as well as designing-in requisite technical controls and audit procedures.

Additional Tools & Training

  • Privacy for Product Designers
  • Privacy Requirements for Marketing
  • Privacy in Social Media
  • Privacy in Big Data
  • Privacy Basics for All Employees
  • Privacy Policy Development
  • Privacy Processes & Procedures
  • Privacy Impact Assessments

Data Strategy, Management & Governance

We understand the intricacies of the various data governance requirements that may impact and organization - and we have the tools and talent to bring the desired level of oversight to your data warehouses and data stores.

Whether your governance requirements are related to the global array of data laws and industry best practices related to the protection of personal data or corporate assets or specifically addressing the lifecycle of data in your databases, such as data quality, data cleansing, ETL, reporting tools etc., we can define the appropriate framework and governance strategy for your organization.

If your business objectives include Big Data or advanced analytics, we can help you understand the governance landscape with respect to privacy and security laws, impact of personalization strategies on global consumer marketing and data products as well as the evolving standards for database management and interoperability between ecoystem partners and data providers.

We guide companies of all sizes as they position their business objectives for data within a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, mobile, cloud computing etc. We work with organizations to understand the new HIPAA Omnibus requirements that extend to the Business Associates of Covered Entities, regardless of whether a business agreement is formally in place. Additionally, specific parts of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule now apply across the broader ecoystem of digital health and health IT vendors, particularly those who are offering mobile and cloud-based services to consumers. PCI-DSS continues to define data governance requirements for companies that accept credit cards from consumers. Individual state breach laws are also constantly being introduced across the United States. And in the European Union, new regulations and pre-legislative opinions regarding the use of personal data will have increasing impact on companies that are involved in consumer profile and personalization, certain mobile applications, Big Data analysis and other related emerging consumer-focused products and services. We provide the full suite of policies, processes, technical controls, risk assessments etc. so that organizations can focus on their business priorities while we address their regulatory compliance needs.


Regulatory Risk

Driving risk-based data strategies for privacy, security and process compliance

Data Management

Defining and implementing standards-based information warehouse and database governance strategies