20 years: From EU Data Directive to GDPR & CCPA

We have been translating global privacy laws into corporate policies and product requirements for over two decades. Our deep knowledge of the evolution of privacy requirements across Europe from the original EU Data Directive to the General Data Protection Regulation includes the UK's (and other) country-specific regulations, the ePrivacy Regulation, and the suite of emerging, privacy-related regulations for telecommunications, digital marketing etc.

Our involvement in California-specific regulations has included the regulations related to breach, web notifications, mobile applications and data sharing ("Shine the Light"). We have closely watched the legislative evolution of the bills that now comprise the California Consumer Privacy Act and continue to monitor as additional privacy-related regulations are proposed in the new legislative sessions.

We are also focused on the array of emerging state-level privacy laws that specifically address biometrics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As new laws emerge around the world, we are well-positioned to identify the new requirements and rapidly integrate them into our suite of existing privacy tools and frameworks.

Industry Standards & Frameworks

We enable companies to drive data strategies for compliance with regulations as well as globally-recognized technology standards for privacy, security and identity management. As an organization, we continue to be deeply involved in the development of these global standards and industry best practices.